The Gates Notes: We Need Productivity and Sustainability


Helping poor farmers improve productivity is a critical step in reducing global hunger. But there is an ideological divide over how best to help them. The truth is that both sides have something important to offer.

Bill Gates includes food and agriculture on his new personal brand website. Interesting thoughts from an influential source.

Climate-Changing Dirt | Miller-McCune Online Magazine


Could soil engineered specifically to maximize carbon storage dampen some effects of climate change? Very possibly, according to the scientists featured in this article.

Why is it we hear so little about this research in the mainstream media? Miller-McCune and New Scientist magazines/websites both tend to excite me with research about new possibilities to address our world’s most vexing problems, while at the same time creating frustration about my lack of time to vet those possibilities. I yearn for a team of personal science fact-checkers.

Center for Agricultural Economy, Hardwick, VT

Great example in Hardwick of what could be done if we started regional food hubs throughout Vermont — a circle of win-win relationships for the local people, the soil, agriculture, businesses, and the environment. Here’s the video of the Dan Rather Report that aired Nov. 17, as posted by High Mowing Seeds.