Instant Electronic Whiteboards: Evernote and IdeaPaint

This is an instant favorite for me. The concept of an inexpensive, instant electronic whiteboard is a sure winner for the types of meetings I’m often in. Even if we’ve got a group collaborating to take notes in real time using Google Docs, there are usually several of us who prefer to sketch mind maps or doodle notes. Typed notes just don’t cut it for me. But the problem with whiteboards has always been that the fancy electronic versions cost a fortune and require a technical support team. Painting I can handle though, and Evernote is already a favorite tool, so my order has been placed. I’ll report back after putting this new combination through its paces., an Emerging Resource for Word Lovers


Animation of a Hypotrochoid Out Three Fifths made by Sam Derbyshire with MuPAD [source]

Like many of you, I’m sure, I’ve relied on the SMOG Readability Calculator (SMOG=Simple Measure of Gobbledygook) for years as a quick check on my writing and readability level for specific audiences. Now the SMOG calculator is combined with other useful resources and tools at the new site. Check it out.

Gmail Gets One-Click Microsoft Word Previews

gmail_logo.PNGGoogle just announced a small but handy new feature for Gmail: one-click previews for Microsoft Word documents. This new features works for .doc and the more recent .docx format. Until now, Gmail’s one-click preview feature only supported PDF files, PowerPoint documents and images in the TIFF format. The new preview feature for Word documents replaces the “view as HTML” option in Gmail.

Now, this is useful for anyone, but particularly those of us who spend a large portion of our days working with words and sharing words with others. One more step toward complete abandonment of the corporate Microsoft Exchange jail. It’s a good example of an added feature that seems so obvious you wonder why no one has done it before. Thank you, Google.