The Thought-Controlled Prius Bike


Toyota’s answered a question no one ever thought to ask: What if the Prius were a bike?

The answer suggests it wouldn’t be as boring to ride as it is to drive. For one thing, the bike uses neurotransmitters to change gears. It looks a whole lot cooler than the car, too.

So starts of Jason Kambitsis’ “review” of one of the projects developed within the Prius Projects campaign from Toyota, which encourages inventors and dreamers to tinker with its technology.

Fresh from a family birthday celebration weekend of cycling (and new eco car test drives), this article jumped right out at me.

I’m a big fan of labs like this in part because I see them as one of the best sources for ideas to help humankind tackle some of our most pressing problems.

Meanwhile, have some fun exploring this idea…

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